The Carnival Queens

A brief record of our courts going back over the years: please click on the link to access the photo’s for each year (Based on the crowning year). Carnival year runs from crowning on the First Saturday in July through the full year, until the next crowning.
2007/2008 Carnival year:
Queen- Mary Louise Brewer; Princesses: Roxy Richards & Sarah Williams
2008/2009 Carnival year:
Queen- Aimee Hardy ; Princesses: Danielle Claydon & Megan Richardson
2009 / 2010 Carnival year:
Queen- Carly Victor ; Princesses: Paris Ayling & Julia Street
2010 / 2011 Carnival year:
Queen- Sarah Williams ; Princesses: Darcie Rumbelow & Riya Rajeev
2011 / 2012 Carnival year:
Queen- Aimee Hardy ; Princesses: Shae Marie Carter & Georgie Dearing
2012/2013 Carnival year:
Queen- Darcie Rumbelow ; Princesses: Mia Carter & Lauren Stevens
2013/2014 Carnival year:
Queen – Alice Neal and Princesses Courtney Shaw and Millie Warboys
2014/2015 Carnival year:
Queen – Isabel-Mary Osborne ; Princesses Callie Goodchild and Georgia Green with Rosebud Queen Lillia Berry.
2015/2016 Carnival year:
Queen – Amy Chesson ; Princesses Cailey Hackett & Caitlyn Shaw with Rosebud Queen Lillia Victor-Berry and Honorary Princess Ella Barden
2016/2017 Carnival Year:
Queen- Molly Shepard ; Princesses- Lauren Stevens, Bella Currie & Lillia Victor- Berry ; Honorary Princess- Ella Barden
2017/2018 Carnival Year:
Queen – Lauren Stevens, Princesses Emma Hopegood, Ruby Martin, with Rosebud Angelica Hackett, and for this year, a Prince: Leo Rumbelow…… not forgetting, our Honorary Princess- Ella Barden
2018/2019 Carnival Year:
Queen – Charli Piper , Princesses Shreya Rajeev, Charlie Webster, Carla Nugara with Rosebud Lily-May Webster